C. LO, is a young recording artist and Visual Director for 1 Body Inc from Beltsville, Maryland. Before graduating high school, C.LO lacked career objectives. He had an interest in working with animals, so he ended up pursuing a career in Veterinary Technology, only to realize that wasn’t his passion. Growing up, Carlos knew he had gifts in both music and visual arts (photography, video, and graphic design) but thought it was unrealistic to pursue a career in those fields. During the first year of his pursuit for an animal based degree, he began to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Originally, he considered himself to be an Evolutionist/Agnostic. After learning about Christ’s sacrifice and God’s plan for salvation, C.LO decided to devote his life to Him. Since then, C.LO has developed a personal relationship with Christ and is striving to live a life that brings glory and honor to Him. In the midst of C.LO’s walk with God, he realized that his calling was in music and visuals all along. He then ended up changing his college major and is steadily growing in the art world. Once God confirmed C.LO’s calling, everything seemed to fall into place. Now he is working alongside other members of 1 Body Inc. in the creation of both music and artwork for The Kingdom. He sings, raps, shoots photos and videos, and creates graphics all in the name of Jesus Christ. Although C.LO is young in the faith, he is determined to continually serve God by using the gifts He’s given him to spread the Gospel!

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