Vessel is the trailblazer/Executive Producer of One Body Incorporated. Although he originally believed his musical gifts were a hobby while in pursuit of Veterinary Medicine, through the Holy Spirit, he taught himself how to play various instruments. Later, he wanted to sing and after discovering his gifting in poetry, he later discovered lyricism (rap). Well along during his teens, he became familiar with the area of recording and arranging music that he then believed was to be used in the secular realm of music. It wasn’t until college, however, that he gave his life to Jesus Christ through the Godly example of his roommate at the time. During this time, he changed his major. During his college years, he participated with the university’s marching band as a trumpet player. He began collaborating musically with others, and created original works to share with friends and family. Later, God gave him the vision to start One Body Incorporated, after many attempts from other record labels, who wanted to use his gifts for secular purposes. Once the vision and foundation was set, God began to develop and mature him not only as a producer and leader, but also as an artist striving to represent Jesus Christ.  Eventually, God revealed “It is time!” Determined to see the Will of God fulfilled, Vessel strives daily to make his Dad (God) proud.

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Spiritual Symphony: The Warm Up EP  Vessel
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