Zeke Saliga is from the small town of Hudson, Massachusetts. Growing up with an older brother and sister, Zeke quickly learned the value of family, honor, and laughter. Music was never a big part of Zeke’s life, until his Father started playing his guitar again when Zeke was about fourteen. He quickly became enticed with warm-like sounds he had not heard since he was younger. He wanted more, but did not know how to get it. Learning to play the guitar became a mission; though he gave up twice, he could not fight the desire. Learning his father’s original songs to The Lord, and becoming introduced to Christian hip-hop, Zeke found his own style when he began to create his own music. Zeke is happily married to a beautiful woman of God, and they have devoted their lives to investing all their talents for the Lord in all aspects. Zeke was and is still a Carpenter and he loves using his hands to create all that he can.

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